Team Events

Team Matches

"Team Matches" is an inter-club match play competition. The seven county Men's Clubs field twelve man teams to compete in five traditional match play tournaments throughout the season. The five matches rotate around the seven county courses. The events are open to any handicap level and players are paired according to handicap as best possible. Foursomes are comprised of men from four different clubs.

For Oakwood Men's Club 2nd Team events, interested players should sign up on the form posted below. The first twelve players to sign up are chosen for the team. Two alternates are also chosen to fill roster spots if someone drops out at the last minute. Handicaps are downloaded on the day the rosters are due, usually a week before the event.  COST - Except for the $1 skins fee, payment for these competitions will NOT run through your Oakwood account. Payment will be handled at the golf course on the day of the event. Individual players that wish to ride in a golf cart are responsible for those fees at the clubhouse on the day of the event.   Sample Scorecard